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    Monday, December 7th, 2009
    11:04 pm
    U of T gym with punching bag
    OH HAI! Do we have any gym on any of the University of Toronto campuses (but especially St.George or Scarborough), that has punching bags on the spot that we can sign up to use?

    ...and, checking again, though I'm registed at St.George, I can still use the Scarborough gym eh?

    Thank you.
    Friday, June 27th, 2008
    3:34 pm
    Meal Plan 1
    I need to plan my meals because cooking takes time, if you don't plan well you won't have time left, you'll go over the budget, and you might end up really unhealthy from Bad Food. If All Goes Well, I'll be able to find a chores for cheaper board arrangement in Spring, with a senior, because children are too noisy and people my age don't have a house and can be a pain to share rent with, according to my brother who's rooming with his friends.
    In additional to cheaper rent so I'll have more money, it's cheaper to spread the grocery bill, more variety and freshness can be had, and it'll be nice to cook for someone who appreciates it. I think when I put the ad up in...January (when the practical IT for n00bs program ends)...I'll include meal plans as well to make sure I don't end up with someone who hates it. Ideally, the senior in question would be relatively healthy and go out with her friends for dinner weekly, so I'll have a day off, and must be able to use the microwave because I'll be doing mass cooking and freezering on the weekend. ...would not object to a diet that is mostly vegetarian, with eggs and dairy, and the weekly chicken.

    I plan to outlive the people before me, and look waaaay better (not have any pouches and snoring mother sounds like a zombie from The Bodysnatchers and it is my greatest fear that I'll shall one day inherit the calamity and Die Alone), therefore, my diet is heavy in the morning when I need it, and light at night. Protein breakfast OR lunch, lighter Tea and Supper, grain based Dinner with maybe vegetable/fruit but no protein (this is best for sleeping). Vegetable and dairy everyday.

    Meal Times Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Breakfast (7:30am) Yogurt and Toast Chicken Soup/Congee Minestrone Soup & Bread Oatmeal with egg Cheesy Noodles Lentils and Carrots Soup Instant Oatmeal with Jam + Pancakes
    Lunch (11:30am) Roasted Chicken & Rice Omelet Chicken Soup/Congee Baked Potatoes Minestrone Soup & Rice Lentils & Carrots with Rice and Sundried Tomatoes salad sauce Pancakes
    Tea (4pm) Chicken Salad Cucumber & Jam Sandwiches Cakes Cucumber & Jam Sandwiches Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwiches Dumplings Cucumber & Jam Sandwiches
    Supper(7:30pm) Chicken Soup/Congee Minestrone Soup Rice fried with eggs and chives Noodles with Radish and Broccoli Inari Sushi Plain Congee and Steamed Milk & Egg White Baked Eggplant & Wild Rice
    Dinner (9pm) Muesli (Oatmeal, lukewarm water, applesauce & banana) Milk & Weetabix Muesli Mashed Potatoes Muesli Plain Congee Milk & Weetabix

    Lunch will be prepared during breakfast or thawed during breakfast, and Tea are sandwiches, all I have to do is cut the cucumbers in the morning.
    Laundry or Sweeping will be done on Saturday/Sunday, during baking or stewing, depending on the weather. When pressed for time, the roasted chicken can be brought, as is the cake. Rice and oatmeal can be dressed up with salad sauce and jam, and it would be enough as a main meal, I'll just like to avoid having that Everyday because it would be boring. For variety, squash can replace eggplant, and new vegetables can be tried everyweek depending on what's on sale when Saturday comes. Dumplings will definitely be store brought, but if I have time, I actually do know how to make it. If I don't have to prepare every meal, I'll probably have the time to get really creative. I'll have to get up at seven in the morning, earlier considering that I'll like to stare at the ceiling a bit to get my thoughts in order, and I'll have to get home by seven at night on most nights. After Saturday supper, I plan to go out and party...or stay up until 3am watching the Space Channel, because Sunday breakfast can be reheated.

    Suppers for Tues and Wed, vegetable & noodles and sushi, can be prepared ahead of time so my entire day will be free. I'm preparing for a worse case scenario where my roommate can use the microwave and nothing more, but really, a lot of seniors can cook, so it's probably just housecleaning, grocery shopping, yard work, and making healthy desserts. I myself made it through many busied morning with this routine;
    1. Boil Water - while water boils;
    - Coat the bottom of a small cup with condensed milk (2 tbsp), and then crack a raw egg into it.
    - Set out a bowl of pre steamed oatmeal flakes.
    - Fill the teapot with tea leaves (I prefer green tea)

    2. Pour boiling water into the small cup of raw egg and condensed milk, the bowl of oatmeal flakes (an inch above the top of oatmeal layer), and the teapot. If the water has been freshly boiled, it should be enough to cook the egg, and the layer of condensed milk will stop the egg from sticking to the cup so it could be easily clean. Add a spoonful of jam and canned milk into the bowl of porridge.

    3. Eat. (If in real hurry, only fill the tea pot up to 3/4 full, fill it first, and then add cold water in to dilute tea.)
    Saturday, June 21st, 2008
    8:33 pm
    Reduce and Reuse
    Whenever I see those posters everywhere on how we must recycle - put the remains of our consumption into a different bin than the trash can - I have the urge to add with a big bold marker; First Reduce, Then Reuse, Lastly, Recycle what's left..

    I buy what I need, because I need it, I need enough food to fill my stomach, of a quality that won't make me sick, and I need presentable clothes for school and work.

    I don't need to eat out (unless I forgot to bring lunch), and I don't need fancy clothes. I don't need jewelry of any sort(for Jewelry I DIY or buy from artists at CNE), I don't need to buy a flower vase (the simplicity of jam jars allow the flowers to shine more), and I definitely don't need any sort of decorations(DIY again). I count all of the above as a luxury.

    I have a budget for luxury. If I am going to eat out, I am going to pick places that treats its workers decently, over places that treats them like crap and is probably breaking the law. When I forget my lunch, I usually buy a bag of Italian flatbread at a grocery store; for under five bucks I have something very palatable and at a quantity enough to last me a lunch and a half. Unlike cafes with waitstaff, all grocery stores employees are paid at least the regular minimum wage (...and then there is Loblaws and Dominion which have unions). Buying something simple like bread from a grocery contributes to less waste than buying from a fast food eatery which have to throw out a lot of food at the end of the day and makes more trash from the containers.

    I reuse things to help me reduce. As I do indoor gardening, I reuse yogurt cups and ice cream containers. Coffee cups makes great windowsill homes for small slow succulents, and they can actually look very nice. I reuse bread bags (shake out the crumbs first). I save plastic spoons and keep it in my lunchbox and in my carrier bag. Plastic spoons are great for cleaning too (scraping). I keep receipts to remind myself of how much I have spent, but eventually I reuse them all as to-do-lists and reading notes to tuck in my books. Kleenex boxes can be used to keep envelopes and notepads upright in one place,etc. Just think about it.
    Saturday, March 8th, 2008
    2:12 pm
    I have gained at least 5 pounds
    ...through weeks of compulsive snacking.

    I need more sleep, apparently when you haven't been getting enough sleep, you do crave more fatty and sweet food, and I've been finishing bags of chocolate a week. Last night I really had problems going to sleep, 3am, and I was lying awake in bed.

    Now I'm mouthing an actual stick of cinnamon again, it does help. Especially after I smoked the ends a bit. I have gotta learn to use a lighter, cause yes, yes, I'm still using matches! I've never mastered the use of a lighter, I'm always worried about burning my fingers, and since it's not like I chain-smoke, I didn't bothered. I still have the same packet of cigs I brought for last year's exams.

    This has to stop, NOW. I have to really exercise, the daily routine stretches and like what, 5 measly minutes of jumping jacks ain't going to cut it if I want to get toned, especially with the snacking, which stops now.

    No more sweets, if I want a treat, I will eat a fruit, and that would be the end up it.

    No more coffee, only tea.

    This is going to be a hard week. :(

    I should see if any neighbours need help with their shoveling, it is great exercise, because frankly, I love to walk but I have never taken to running which feels funny with nobody chasing me, and I have no one to play competitive sports in, and I'm way to ashamed of how much I've let myself go to be seen in anything less than a burquini to enjoy swimming in public.
    Friday, March 7th, 2008
    7:07 pm
    I'm a person who set my cellphone to vibrate in the library, and take my call outside. I certainly don't talk through lectures while being obliviously or outright mocking the angry glares of my fellow students.

    I try to be courteous, while putting up with so very, very, much.

    I outgrew those squeezy stress balls in junior high, and voodoo dolls are lulzy but they really don't do anything when I'm truly frustrated.

    Getting to have some me time, having a cigarette, to drown out everything? That works, and yes, it's bad for my lungs, yadda, yadda, yadda, but it's good for my sanity, cause a healthy pair of lungs ain't gonna do ya any good if you have a bullet in your brain, or is bleeding to death from having accidentally ripped out your scalp mid-hair-pulling.

    I hardly ever consume alcohol, I now prefer using rosewater to bitter up my drinks. I don't take aspirin, and I don't think I would ever smoke pot, because I don't want to have my mind tempered with. Some people would find it ironic then, that I would love smoking, but I do. I don't smoke around non-smokers, I never did, even though I grew up with people who smoke (my grandfather who was the most athletic senior evar until the last month of his life, where he died meeting the life expectancy of his time and place). I don't want sugar in my tea, and I definitely understand people who don't want smoke in their lungs. I go far away from non-smokers for my 'me-time'. On campus, I like to smoke in that little park next to the parking lot where no one goes because it is very dingy. There, certainly my one little cigarette should cause the pedestrians ten feet away much less offense than the very tangible exhaust emitted by the cars on the roads and the parking lot.

    ...and yet some pedestrians feel obliged to angrily glare at me as if I have stolen their girlfriend and ate their firstborn for dinner.

    Most fortunately, I have never came across a stranger who is so rude as to walk right up and engage me over the private conditions of my health, but I felt, it's really, only A Matter of Time.

    Recently, I have decided to switch to herbal cigarette, I'll especially want to have a cinnamon cigarette, as I have always loved being cooped up in a room filled with the smoke of cinnamon (I stick barks of them into the softened wax of candles inside their lanterns). It is still not a healthful thing to do, I actually regularly pay attention to Health Canada, and they did warn against it, because surprise surprise, smoke-inhalation of any sort is bad for your health! With herbal cigarettes however, it is "less-unhealthy" than nicotine cigarettes, and only "more-unhealthy" compared to incense! Incense which I suspect many vehemently anti-smokers would burn, or immerse themselves in while visiting McBuddhist temples. Oh, I know of pot-smokers who scoff at cigarettes too!

    ...and I just KNOW that the most vehement anti-smokers are those who have quit and resent my very visible pleasures;

    Mercer Report
    Week of March 22, 2004
    Video: Quit smoking! Really. Quit now. Do it. (Ad #1)
    Video: Quit smoking! Really. Quit now. Do it. (Ad #2)

    I know it's bad for my health, the graphic visual details are only all wrapped around the packets cigarettes come in after all. I DON'T CARE. I still love it. I have loved people worse for my health too. Life is for living.
    Sunday, January 20th, 2008
    5:12 pm
    Spring Plans
    I have yet to follow through on ANY New Years Resolution, ever...I'm just going to make, vague seasonal plans with vague deadlines.

    1. Find Another Job: Minimum wage is bad enough, but us minions have been alloted more than our responsibilities and capabilities when the manager suddenly went MIA...and after fulfilling my responsibility to arrive on time and do my job, their job is to pay me on time, which they attempted to doge.

    2. Get Involved in Local Politics: There is Toronto Public Space Committee, but I should show up where the MPs are and say hi more often, could get useful. I'm still divided between NDP and Liberal though, when I suspect that a truly progressive conservative party, like PM Diefenbaker or Danny Williams in Newfoundland, is what I really want. Oh, and I'm not sure whether or not I want to stay in hog town. Toronto has great libraries and diversity, but diversity is bleeding out as the mayor is welcoming the millionaires with open arms while walking over the poor and the middle-income families to get at them. Condos, condos, and no affordable housing while 20+roomers are becoming more common. It's Insane Troll Logic to ban overnight parkings to prevent 20+roomers instead of um, providing affordable housings? Nobody wants to be one of the 20+roomers, they are there because it's that or the street.

    3. Plant a vegetable garden: Indoor or outdoor. I want to grown some chives and onions indoor, chives have pretty purple flowers and both could last throughout the year.

    4. Hike more: Sadly, I don't think I can afford to go to monocliffs for a while. I miss walking for miles, then arriving bruised and exhausted and bleeding at the ankles from the spurs, to the lake, where I can taste spring water at the source. The bottle would never do. I should still be in the great outdoors that is along the Don River, to train my eyesight more for one thing, so I can...

    5. a)Earn my driver's license
    b)Get a gun license + hunting permit

    I've delayed on both, because my eyesight was really unstable a few years back, and I was really worried I'll get put on record as unfit to drive or shoot and I'll stay on.

    ...and if I somehow get a gun license, it'll probably just be something I'll hold onto. I'll probably start by renting a gun at the shooting range, but it'll be bad for me to try hunting with the distance judging problem. I want to hunt because I'll feel more comfortable knowing where my meat come from, and being responsible for it, but it won't be responsible to hunt if I can't reasonably put down an animal on the first shot.
    Sunday, October 21st, 2007
    4:54 pm
    Dumbledore/Grindelwald 4ever

    Normally I don't ship outside of my age range...but most of the action happened when they were young anyways, and then, I love reading late autumn regrets angst, if it's well-written.

    I confess, that I'm also glad that this canon-stamp meant that there will more Dumbledore/Grindelwald fans now, because Dumbledore/Snape creeps me out. It would have be like, the magical gay version of James Bond screwing The Queen of England! DO NOT WANT!
    Sunday, July 22nd, 2007
    12:23 am
    Nancy Sinatra - So Long Babe (1965)

    Though there are good songs on the radio nowadays, sometimes they could even be on TV, the top tens, the count-downs, continues to be dominated by soulessly talentless manufactured groups, with catchy songs vapid in meaning and in musical creativity.

    I find myself listening more and more to retro, not only are the retros I listen to more classy, they are even more progressive. It's good that Green Day wants to get the activism on, but they are a very surface band, and I was disappointed with the suburban slam down on rurality in "American Idiot", thank goodness for the Dixie Chicks. John Lennon on the other hand, not only was Lennon musically creative and just wonderful, Lennon was very socially aware. In "Imagine", Lennon imagines a world with no possessions, just a brotherhood of men. Lennon was still wise to the brutality of 'communist' China however, that the government was communist in title but definitely not spirit, referencing the carrying of a picture of chairman Mao as a bad thing in the song "Revolution".

    Not only is Nancy Sinatra more wholesome than most of the hit singers nowadays...she's actually more feminist too, than say, The PussyCat Dolls, who seem to have confused physical desirability to to the mass public (heterosexual males), with empowerment. A beautiful women could use her beauty to her advantage, but physical desirabilty in itself, does not make one powerful. What influence physical desirability has, depends on that other, who has the power to affect actual change, and desire you enough to affect the changes you want for you. The moment that those that could affect change no longer desire you, you have no power.

    Physical desirabilty, as a means to power, is perhaps, the most unstable route, as conventionally, beauty is something that fades overtime, and of course, there are so many, many, other beautiful girls. Sparing exceptional circumstances, such as Cicciolina who used her physical desirability as a stepping stone to actual power, political office, devoting your future to being physically desirable is a poor investment.

    Additional reccomendations: Nancy Sinatra, singing Don't Let Him Waste Your Time, Live On Jonathan Ross, January 10, 2004.
    Tuesday, July 10th, 2007
    1:32 pm
    Cat Power
    I had no clue who they were until I heard their wonderful cover of Oasis's "Wonderwall", but their music is really wonderful, and the lead singer looks so wholesome. Even for the song, "Lived In Bars", which just have a very lovely melody.

    Thursday, May 17th, 2007
    6:11 pm
    The Price of Gluttony
    I didn't eat breakfast, I barely ate lunch, so I didn't watch myself when I started eating pizza an hour ago, and Before I Knew It, I finished an entire pan of pizza.

    Owww, for my very ill self, and the knowledge of what little food at the start of the day combined with too much food at the end will do to my waist line, damn it all!
    Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006
    9:52 pm
    I was just talking to my father over the news about the two bodies that have been found a month ago in Toronto, one in pieces, 'there goes the neighbourhood, AGAIN', and I asked him if he knew about the University of Toronto student that was missing in Edmonton, Robert Barrington Leigh. So he was like, you didn't knew, he's been found -. So I was like, hopeful, since somehow I interpreted it as "found alive"...but it was "they found his body in the river/lake".

    He looked cute, seem friendly, a 20-year old Masters student in Physics with honours that is actually not a basement dweller but go out and bike! What a damn waste. I still hope it's an accident though, because this will be worse if there was someone horrible enough to actually intentionally cause this.
    6:02 pm
    Passive/Aggressive Nice/Knightly Courtesy Paradox
    I remember hearing a story long ago about Person A who pointed out that Person B lacks class because B was being annoying. It was pointed out to A that if A truly had class, A wouldn't have pointed out another person's lack of class.

    It also seem that with conventional courtesy, it's rude to point out that someone it's rude, because if rude is causing conflict, isn't pointing it out contributing to the conflict as well?

    Good doesn't harm, Bad does, but if no one curbs back the Bad (which would requiring using harm), wouldn't Bad always prevails over Good then?

    I alternate between all three roles. I'm bad and rude and void of manners when I forget, at my best I remember to be good and courteous and polite. Sometimes, half the times though, I'm good and courteous and polite to others...but with exceptions. If people are being rude, taking advantage of other people, causing drama or playing the martyr and goes drama queen, I 'strap the bitch on', going on the reactive-offensive as the presently good and courteous and polite people I defend smiles nervously.

    At the end of it all, the cause of my reactive-offensive steps down to the diplomacy of the good and courteous and polite, who will be by their side because I won't need to be talked down at the end of it, and continue to smile as I'm bad mouthed. The crisis is solved, they won't do it again (for now), and the virtue of the good and courteous and polite is phaised.

    ...but had there not been a reactive-offensive? If everyone was too good and courteous and polite to point out the rude behaviour?

    Yes, without the good and courteous and polite, while the matter of the problem is raised, it won't be resolved, but sometimes I really feel annoyed at being struck the 'dirty work', so I make sure to only do it sometimes, let someone else handle the other times.

    Paradox 2: Isn't being aware of role as the Dirty Worker a form of playing the martyr as well? My brain needs more alcohol. I wish I am still in contact with that philosphery student I used to talk with so I could see if I can make his head explode now. He used to 'win' all the time but in hindsight it must have been unfair because sometimes I smell pot, and that's just cheating!
    Wednesday, June 21st, 2006
    11:39 am
    Employable Skills...and employee demands

    - Hardworking, I will earn my pay.
    (I won't be suckered into crawling into a giant oven and clean it after it's just been turned off though. [Workplace Safety & Insurance Board] I wonder what sort of asshole would send a kid in there to die such a horrible death? Poor kid, had I been in his place, I would have just looked at the temp, said it's too hot according to regulations to be in there, and do other stuff (baking, cleaning), until it's cool enough. If the boss persist, I'll point out that things would be even slower if I die, and then the worker's safety law. My life > Your bitching.)
    - Flexible, I am willing to go over my schedule on a busy day, but there has got to be either overtime, OR, you look the other way when I take a little bit longer on my break the next day.
    - Diligent and a fast learner, but your instructions must be clear and concise. I'm not a mind reader.
    - Teamwork: I work with others well because I do my part, I will take charge when leadership is needed but I have no problem following when it's already been provided well.
    - Bilingual. My French is unfortunately next to none-existant, but I can still read somewhat because I remember the sentence structures and some words are similar. My Cantonese is excellent though.

    From volunteering as shelver, desk, and misc back in my highschool's library.
    - Customer service skills.
    - Search skills. (obvi?) If you can't remember the title and author but it's not obscure, there is no line behind you, and you give me enough unique details such as exact line spoken by a character, I can find the title, THEN check if we have it and signed in. (Observe my googlefu, w00t!)
    - Patience and Tolerance.
    - Ability to Handle Crisis okay, it was more like some angry student who was pissed off that she couldn't find the book she needed for a thing due tomorrow being really bitchy and trying to come behind the counter (where we keep the de-mag thing + money), and me handling it calmly for the most part.
    - Filing and various office skills and misc? I shelve books, I book the computer room, sign out computers for people, kick them off when they are being loud or when they are not doing homework when other people need it. I refill the paper when it's out (you can't leave spares out because people would steal), authorized printing before we switched to a system most don't bother honouring..., collected fines, and brought the recycling down when it was the day when we have to bring it down.

    From volunteering to tutor ESL students:
    - Infinite patience.
    - Initiative and Creativity: I actually want to make sure that the student I was tutoring is learning and worked to that. After I finish checking his homework I'll have him take notes on his common errors, and advised him that if he's curious about what a noun means and he had no one to ask at them time but access to the internet, image google it (with the safe search on of course...0_0). That's what I do when I get nouns of things I don't know about in addition to checking the definition.

    From working for my relatives, doing things ranging from data entry to babysitting to minor assembly:
    - Ability to multitask, since all of the above can be within the description of the same "job"...

    From that time I worked doing groundskeeping for just over a week
    - Doesn't mind getting my hands dirty.
    - Could do hard work to an extent. I'm not strong enough to mow the steep hills (the machine is heavy, now try pushing it while it's almost sideways, I did manage to do it, but it's not something I could keep doing all summer even for $12/h-$90/day, but if you want it, you could handle it, it's awesome, my awesome co-workers all liked the job and each other), I'm sure now I'll be strong enough for the labours that come with non-labour-centric work, like moving stock.

    - I know how to maintain a garden? Damn, I wish I found out about the U of T's co-ordinator position thing earlier.
    - I know how and what to use to set up a frame for climbing plants that will support the weight of melons, through wind!
    - I know about organic gardening, and my family practise it half and half, we use pesticide on our trees when it gets worse, but the fertilizer is organic, from store brought blood and bone meal (where it's sterilized, heat treated), to little things like collecting water left over from washing rice, salad greens, and tea leaves.
    - I know that pruning is not just about making things look pretty, you get rid of the dead or dying things at the bottom, and with some plants (peonies) you prune the middle to give it air.
    Tuesday, June 20th, 2006
    10:33 pm
    Haven't updated this thing in forever
    Oh wow, it's already the middle of June, and I still haven't found a job, -_-' this is the part where I would regret hastly taking the one that I wasn't very well suited for if I didn't have such a great time before I couldn't handle it. Yeah, I probably would have a easier time back in May, but there are still signs...

    July 7th is coming up, need cash for partying yo! That and the saving thing, yeah.

    I want something creative as well as pretty, wonder if I can do that without breaking the wallet?
    Thursday, April 27th, 2006
    12:09 am
    Passage of Time
    At the end of the week, it shall be May, wow.

    April was a really good month, but onwards to the future I guess!

    It was so amazing seeing the world come alive again, I never realise how pretty campus was, so many flowers! I have also got to get to High Park sometime next week, the cherry blossoms shall be out this weekend.

    I also saw V for Vendetta this month, and wow.

    Anyways, wheeee! I look forward to the rest of Spring and then Summer. There is so much to do!

    Hmmmnnn...I should probably get a cocktail icon, teehee.
    Saturday, March 18th, 2006
    4:30 pm
    Going to start camwhoring...University of Toronto!
    Seriously, going to start participating with campus life. I have become a total shut-in since September, not how I had imagine my frosh year would be. I also totally have MAKE time to hang out with my highschool buddies too, it takes me a week...or more, to answer their email, and it's awful that I haven't MEET with them in person for ages since we live in the same city, eep. Well, most of us are still in the same city.

    I think, I'll make a journal at GreatestJournal, just for the purpose of posting U of T photos, nothing more, good because GJ have photohosting. Over here on LJ, I'll link to it, and post the odd one here and there at torontophoto. I really like that community so far, Toronto! I'll totally have to lurk for a while to see what kind of photos to post first, XD!
    Wednesday, March 8th, 2006
    9:47 pm
    OMG YES, Toronto Roleplay!

    Too bad I don't have time right now, stupid crushing weight of the first year, what the !!@@#$^&*( was I drinking thinking when I signed up and held onto the full course load? Quality > Quantity.



    Maybe in the summer.

    9:41 pm
    Wow, there are a lot of Toronto communities
    At least, a lot came up...


    Blogs: The new...mailing list?

    Whatever, whee, I'll just join a bunch.
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